Recent Scholarly & Creative Work

Dr. Kathy Lou Schultz is the author of The Afro-Modernist Epic and Literary History: Tolson, Hughes, Baraka (Palgrave), as well as four collections of poems and New Narrative fiction, including Biting Midge: Works in Prose (Belladona), Some Vague Wife (Atelos), and Re ​dress (San Francisco State University), selected by Forrest Gander for the Michael Rubin Poetry Award.

Meet Poet-Scholar Kathy Lou Schultz

Praise for The Afro-Modernist Epic

"A revelatory remapping of the African American literary tradition" 

​- Brent Hayes Edwards, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

​"A major contribution to African American literary studies and to the larger field of American Poetry. This will be one of those discourse-changing books."

-Aldon Nielsen

George and Barbara Kelly Professor of American Literature, The Pennsylvania State University

“This book puts Schultz in the company of the finest critics who are writing about black literature today.” 

-William J. Harris, Editor: The LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka Reader